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EcoMax Euro diesel: High Performance in Saving

In addition to benefits of EcoMax Euro diesel such as fuel economy, power increase, longer motor life, more silent driving, it also contributes to environmental protection with low emission values.

Ecomax Eurodiesel quickly cleans residues, emerging within the motor if additive-free ordinary fuel is used. If used regularly, it offers increase in power and longer motor life in addition to fuel economy. A more enjoyable and silent driving is experienced and it contributes to the environmental protection with low emission values. Characteristics of, and benefits offered by Ecomax Eurodiesel;

  • Fuel Economy: The vehicles consume much more fuel due to contamination to take place in vehicle injectors. The more polluted the injectors are, the less the passage of air from the injectors is. Air-fuel balance is impaired. And this leads to more fuel consumption of the vehicle. With the use of Ecomax Eurodiesel, injectors are cleaned and thus fuel economy is ensured.
  • Power Recovery: Ecomax Eurodiesel reduces the power loss to take place due to the contamination taking place in the injectors. Whereas the power loss is 2% when it is used from the first day on, the loss of power, experienced for the same period regarding the motors in which Ecomax Eurodiesel is not used reaches up to the levels of 8%.
  • Reduction in harmful emission gasses:  Emission quantities are directly related with the fuel consumption of the vehicle. While fuel saving is ensured thanks to the use of Ecomax Eurodiesel, it is further contributed to environmental protection with low emission values
  • Preventing Foaming. Foaming extends filling period of fuel tank and it results in splash of fuel during filling operation. The amount of foam is much lower in comparison to additive-free fuel and disappearing period for the foam is also much shorter than that of the additive-free fuel.
  • Preventing Corrosion. With the use of additive-free fuel, fuel components of the vehicle become corrosive in time. EcoMax Eurodiesel decreases the amount of corrosion significantly.