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Kadoğlu Petrolcülük A. Ş. which operates within the body of Kadoğlu Holding, one of the most well-established companies of Turkey, entered into the petroleum sector in 2000. With the brand of Kadoil, it started to make its mark in the sector as a petroleum distribution company in 2006. Kadoil is one of the leaders in the petroleum and LPG distribution sector via over 550 dealers and 16 regional headquarters.

Kadoil which foresees rapid changes of the sector and determines necessary road maps provides the fuel needs of not only individual customers but companies and corporations also. By making time and budget savings with Kadomatik system which has been developed with cutting-edge technology for the dealers and customers, Kadoil renders good service to all its customers. The system provides several opportunities such as buying fuel easily and fast, easy payment, fuel and road control and kilometer control without billing information for car fleets of companies.

Kadoil’s new product, EcoMax Eurodiesel, has a lot of benefits like fuel-efficiency, powerful performance, longer lasting engine, driving more quietly. Additionally, it contributes to protecting environment with its low emission levels.

Kadoil entered into the LPG industry with the brand of ‘Kadogaz’ in the 10th year of its establishment. After a short while, Kadogaz reached to 175 dealers and became one of the top 15 companies in the LPG industry. Kadoil which is continuing the LPG investments started to take some actions for LPG filling facility with sea connection in a 16.300 sqm area in Hatay Dörtyol, in addition to LPG storage facility in Gaziantep. At the end of 2019, with an investment of 10-15 million, construction of the facility of which capacity is 15 thousand tons will be started.

Besides, Kadoil reaches to both its dealers and distribution points abroad by producing 50 kinds of mineral oils with the brand of ‘Kadoil Oil Master’ in the field of mineral oil. It is achieving a rapid growth with Kadoil Oil Master in the mineral oil sector.

In order to export and import the petroleum products and execute the transit trade of them, Kadoil emphasizing investments for rapid and continuous development continues its operations in Kadoil Mediterranean Filling Facilities of which storage capacity is 148.000 sqm. This facility is the only facility with sea platform of which depth is 14 meter and that 2 ships with capacity of 65.000 DWT can land at the same time.

Kadoil is in the 9th rank among over 100 distribution companies.