Message From Our Chairman

Corporate / Message From The Chairman

In our commercial life, started by our founding president Cemal Kadooğlu in 1977, as Kadooğlu Holding, we are always in a perpetual process of growth. We have always set ourselves the goal of being a  leading brand in Turkey, and even a ‘World Brand’. In the direction of this goal, we started to operate in many fields such as fuel, petroleum products, energy, construction, contracting, storage, foreign trade, food and fuel filling station management. We created the ‘Kadoil’ brand that brings trust and quality to the forefront in the fuel sector. With the outstanding efforts of our team, our company which is represented by the Kadoil Brand, shortly transformed into a major company.  After this short time since our foundation, we offer our services to our customers and dealers, with over 550 of our dealers and 16 Regional Directorates located homogeneously in Turkey. We have reached the annual sales volume of 525.000 cubic meters and gained our place in the 9th rank among more than 100 fuel distribution companies.

Our new generation additised product EcoMax Eurodiesel, that we developed according to our customers’ expectations by following them closely, which provides high performance with fuel economy, has been introduced to the consumers. Our Kadomatik system intented for company vehicles, which allows purchasing fuel without getting of the vehicle, and without requiring payment in cash or with credit card, is quickly becoming popular. We also sped up our investments in the LPG autogas field. We have increased the number of stations of our Kadogaz brand, which we got the license of in 2016, to over 175 in a very short period. We aim to constitute 2 percent of the total market share in Turkey and rank amongst the top 10 brands that operate in the autogas sector by 2021. 

In 2008, we started operating the  Kadoil Mediterranean Filling Facility, which has the storage capacity of 148.000 m3, in Mersin over a 70.000 m2 area, to execute the import-export and transit trade of petrol products. Mediterranean Filling Facility, which has the characteristic of being the largest and the most modern filling facility in Turkey  with a 65,000 DWT capacity at a 14 meter draft and an offshore platform that can receive two ships at oncelocated at a 5 km distance from the shore.

Furthermore, with our Kadoil Oil Master brand we are producing 50 different products and deliver it to both our dealers and our distribution points abroad. As Kadoil, we are achieving a rapid growth in the mineral oil sector with Kadoil Oil Master.

We are integrated with the world. We just need a little more time till this becomes known more. Along with this, today Kadooğlu Holding is a big organization that does trading with over 55 countries in the international market. With the Kadoil Brand, we have the characteristic of being the first and the only Turkish firm to establish a distribution network also in Iraq. Our endeavours to increase the number of our stations in the region continue. And we also have, establishing a distribution network in the Balkan States, among out future goals. In this context we will continue to grow and create more employment opportunities. Because, as a principle, as the problem of unemployment is solved we believe that one of Turkey’s and the World’s biggest problems will be solved, and the peace environment and the welfare level will be increased. Also, in this way, we will gain the value and the place we deserve in the international arena, in the direction of our goals.

We set goals for ourselves in the direction of becoming a global power. If you don’t dream, you can not reach your goals. When you set your criteria correctly, work according to plan, listen everybody carefully and have good R&D, there is nothing you can not accomplish. Of course you also need to have the determination to overcome the obstacles that you come across while you are walking this path. I trust all of my team and our dealers and all of our business partners in this sense. Today, If many companies that have come out of Anatolia can be leaders on a global scale, you can be sure that Kadoil will become a global brand over time. Because we have the required determination, knowledge and power  to attain that goal.

Tarkan Kadooğlu

Kadooğlu Holding Chairman of the Executive Board