Message From Our Chairman

Corporate / Message From The Chairman

In our commercial life as Kadooğlu Group, started by our founding president Mr. Cemal Kadooğlu in 1977, we have always been in a perpetual process of development. We have never considered remaining a regional company as an option. On the contrary, we aimed to be a leading brand in Turkey, and even on a worldwide basis. In the process of reaching that goal we started operating in many fields such as fuel, petroleum products, energy, construction, contracting, storage, foreign trade, food etc. We formed the ‘Kadoil’ brand, a brand that emphasizes trust and quality in the fuel sector. With the outstanding efforts of our team, our company, represented by the Kadoil brand, shortly transformed into a major company. In five short years we reached 300 retailers around Turkey and 300,000 cubic meters of annual sales volume. We also managed to be one of the top ten fuel distribution companies. We aim to increase our number of retailers to 500 and become one of the top eight fuel companies in the next 5 years.

We started operating the Mediterranean Filling Facility, established over a 70,000 m2 area with a capacity to store 141,000 m3 of petroleum products, in 2008. Set 5 km from the shore, the biggest and most modern facility of Turkey and the Mersin region along with the only facility with a 65,000 DWT capacity at a 14 meter draft and an offshore platform that can receive two ships at once, Kadoil Mediterranean Filling Facility allows companies trading petroleum both locally and internationally to utilize the strategic benefits of the facility.

We established and started operating one of Turkey’s largest producing facilities, with a daily vegetable oil processing capacity of 300 tons, in 2007 under the Kadooğlu Group with the Bizce brand. The produced vegetable oil is exported to many countries as well as distributed in the local market, producing added value for the country. Most importantly, this results in the provision of substantial employment. Therefore the investment is a country-wide one that is much more superior to those of many private establishments.

We have recently made our first investment in a different energy field and initiated the construction of a hydroelectric plant with a 17.8 MW installed capacity. Our investments will rapidly continue in this area, allowing us to cover a lot of ground in a short time.

Our current goal is to become a world company. We have set our eyes on becoming a global power. The distance to be covered may indeed seem substantial to some. However, it is impossible to reach your goals without dreaming first. If you set your criteria accurately, work on a schedule, make sure to listen and have solid R&D, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Of course, you also require determination to surmount the obstacles on the way. I have complete confidence in my team and employees in this sense. If many companies that have come out of Anatolia can be leaders on a global scale, you can be sure that Kadoil will become a global brand over time. We have the necessary ambition, know-how and power to attain that goal.

If we can make advances from Cizre, a city with a population of 140,000, to Gaziantep with 1,000,000 and from there to Istanbul, a city of 20,000,000 people; there is no reason why we cannot open up to the world. In fact, we are already integrated with the world. We just need more time to make that fact known. Today Kadooğlu Group is a major establishment trading with 25 countries around the world. We have a distribution network not just in Turkey, but in Iraq as well. Our goals include establishing distribution networks in two Balkan countries. We will continue to grow and create more employment opportunities in this context, since we believe as a principle that solving the employment problem will mean solving one of the greatest issues in Turkey and the entire world, and promote peace and welfare. As such, we will pursue our goals and obtain the value and status that we deserve worldwide.