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Emphasizing investments for rapid and continuous development as Kadoil, we have initiated the operation of our Mediterranean Filling Facilities, established over a 70,000 m2 area with a 141,000 m3 petroleum product storage capacity, in 2008 in order to store petroleum products for international trade and country-wide distribution as well as to provide higher quality services. Providing services with quality and prices at an international standard with the significant investments made for the facility, we also provide services that can respond to the needs of other business fields along with oil trade, fuel deliveries and regional needs. We use our facility’s capacity as type A warehouses, with 30,000 m3 for regional and local demands and 111,000 m3 to expand to the international oil market and create new business opportunities in Turkey for foreign oil companies.

Set 5km from the shore, the biggest and most modern facility of Turkey and the Mersin region along with being the only facility with 65,000 DWT capacity at a 14 meter draft and an offshore platform that can receive two ships at once, Kadoil Mediterranean Filling Facility allows companies trading petroleum both locally and internationally to utilize the strategic benefits of the facility.