Corporate / Health And Environment

The Health, Safety and Environmental Policy of Kadoil

Aiming to perpetuate our practices without harming people or the environment, we have adopted and are applying the below principles both as an establishment and its employees.

- All Kadoil employees are aware of their responsibilities on work health, safety and environment at all stages of the organization

- The health and safety of all person and establishments we work with as well as third parties are of utmost importance.

- Avoiding inflicting damage on the environment, protecting human health and avoiding accidents are our main goals.

- We are always in contact with our customers, personnel and the public, take their requests into consideration and provide environment-friendly and high-quality products

- We use energy efficiently, minimize our waste and dispose of it in an environment-friendly manner

- We consistently train our personnel and contractors and sustain high levels of work safety awareness; we emphasize work safety in all practices and instill active Health-Safety-Environment principles.

- We support all kinds of cooperation with local authorities and other organizations in required cases and exchange information.

- Emphasizing work safety in all practices and instilling active Health-Safety-Environment principles.

As Kadoil, we promise to reach a superior Health-Safety-Environment performance the sector can be proud of, to gain the public’s trust and provide the resources necessary to reach these goals.