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Euro Diesel

Euro Diesel (ULSD 10ppm) has 10 litres of sulphur in 1 million litres, that is to say; it is the type of fuel that refers to low-sulphur diesel which is used in diesel motor vehicles. It keeps the motor clean and increase the performance of the motor by ensuring a better fuel injection as long as it is used by cleaning residuals of the injectors. It prevents corrosion and formation of foam thanks to anti-corrosion characteristics. Having the following characteristics such as reducing smoke, waste and unburned fuel, Euro Diesel is much more sensitive to environment and human health in comparison to high-sulphur diesels. It reduces CFPP (i.e., filter blocking temperature in cold weather) thanks to its special additive. It further ensures regular combustion within the motor by increasing the habit of the fuel with the special additive.

Lead-Free Fuel 95

Developed for the vehicles with or without catalytic converter, in which petrol is used, Lead-Free Fuel 95 is the name of the 95 octane fuel that ensures high-performance. Ordinary fuel oil damages the motor parts thereby creating fly ash and sediments even in the most-advanced and perfect motor designs. Use of lead-free 95 is of capital importance in order to be able to obtain much more efficiency from the motor of the vehicle, ensure economy in fuel consumption and protect this performance. Lead-Free Fuel 95 cleans the fuel system and prevents formation of corrosion, keeps motor performance at the highest level, as well as ensuring the motor use its strength to the fullest extent and operate with a higher efficiency and increase in rapidness of the vehicle.

Lead-Free Fuel Premium

It enables to cover much more distance in comparison to standard lead-free fuels. Lead-Free Fuel 95 Premium with high octane value also increases the motor performance. Reducing the mechanical losses in the motor thanks to friction-reducing feature, it increases motor output and ensures fuel economy. Cleaning the sensitive motor components, injectors ensure that motor remain clean and operate more healthily, extends motor life and protects fuel system against corrosion.

Paraffin Oil

Completely supplied from Tüpraş Refinery, paraffin oil is a product that is obtained at production stage after the petrol. Whereas it used to be utilized for the purpose of lighting only in the past, it is still used for heating, cooling purposes and as tractor and jet fuel today.

Fuel Oil No.4 (Radiator Fuel)

Radiator oil, which is completely supplied from Tüpraş Refinery and sold, is a special fuel that is thinner and lower in terms of sulphur value  than that of other Fuel Oil No.5 and 6. This type of fuel, which is also used as radiator fuel, may be used as a source of energy in any industrial and social plants, organizations, institutions and residences in need of electricity, heat and vapour

Fuel Oil No.3

Started to be produced in order to be protected from sulphur wastes that lead to acid rains, which are hazardous on human health and the nature, Fuel Oil Light is an environmentally fuel with low rate of sulphur (1%). Fuel Oil Light, which can be used in electric, heating or vapour systems, is preferred in any kind of industrial factories, plants and buildings. It burns, provides savings and it is pumped easily as it is much more viscous. Waste gas emission is within the legal boundaries. It doesn't require a desulphurisation unit which causes high costs during installation.

Fuel Oil No.5 and No.6 (High-Sulphur Fuel Oil)

Completely supplied from Tüpraş Refinery, this type of fuel oil is a dark-coloured and low-viscosity petroleum product. These are also called as high-sulphur Fuel Oil. Although its speed decreases in comparison to past, it is still preferred in electricity generation plants and any and all industrial factories, plants and buildings and it is used as thermal energy. In addition to easy to pump feature, it burns with high heat and provides savings.