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It is a system that enables company vehicles to take fuel automatically from KADOIL stations without making any payment in cash or with credit card and that deliver filling information, untouched by human hands, to the customers in electronic environments.  

As invoicing process is carried out collectively in certain periods, accounting transactions are performed completely and without any problem.


You can buy fuel quickly and practically from KADOIL stations, which you will visit by your vehicles with KADOMATIC system.


With DBS credit account to be opened for KADOMATIC in the banks having an agreement with Kadoil, you will experience the convenience of being able to make all of your payments automatically.


Thanks to the invoices to arrive twice a month once you are engaged in KADOMATIC system, you will not have to wait for payment and invoice following every filling operation just as your accounting transactions are facilitated. It enables to save time.


Just as you will be able to gain control of fuel consumption based on vehicle and period with KADOMATIC, it is further prevented to supply the vehicle with missing product. You can control where, when, how much and even in how many kilometres the vehicle obtained the fuel thanks to KADOMATIC system.


At the end of the filling, information about the filling operation (e.g., litre, unit price, product type, date, hour, vehicle license plate, kilometre etc.) is recorded in to the memory of station control unit and filling receipt, including all of this information is printed automatically by the printer and given to the driver for information. This information is transferred to a computer in the station. At the same time, this information is also sent online to the central data collection computer through data communication line. Customer may monitor fuel purchase regarding their vehicles 24/7 instantly using the passwords identified for themselves.

KADOMATIC system operates in 3 ways:

1- Card System

Shaped as a card, this equipment holding a smart chip in itself requires no installation; it is as easy and convenient as to be carried in a purse.

2- Filling Monitoring System

It is a ceramic chip or an electronic antenna in the form of a label that can be mounted on fuel lid of the vehicle. The system can be assembled in a very short time.

3- Vehicle Identity Unit

It is a system consisting of the antenna, attached to the fuel lid and that operates based on the internal systems of the vehicle, as well as a main product that can be installed into the inner trunk. It requires detailed installation and it has the ability to read kilometre.