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In a sector with almost 70 LPG Distribution companies, Kadoil, with its strong and loyal approach and sales potential in LPG auto-gas, aims to be amongst the top 10 companies as is the case in the fuel sector.

The investment both in current LPG Auto-gas stations and stations of new retailers to be invested in is made by Kadoil and supplied by the strongest and most well-known companies in the sector.

As Kadoil, we have been making the LPG investments in stations ourselves since 2010 to ensure that our retailers who have not made LPG supply contracts with our company and work with LPG companies whose facility criteria do not conform to national norms also comply with corporate standards and undertake LPG supplies under the observation and supervision of our company in accordance with the current legislation and safety criteria; and in this process we’re working with Turkey’s leading LPG companies in order to help our retailers gain a higher volume in the LPG market.

We entered the LPG market in 2010 with an accurate strategy and a strong and widespread retailer network and got into partnerships with Turkey’s leading LPG companies.

We will supply our retailers’ LPG from the strongest and most well-known companies of the sector and maximize our efficiency and sales potential in the sector. We aim to strengthen our position amongst the top 10 companies in the LPG sector, with almost 70 LPG distribution companies, as is the case in the fuel sector.